Make your home feel fresh and inviting with these apartment decorating ideas. No matter how large or small your apartment is, there are a number of ways you can add your own touch to the space.

Here are five styling tips from Cornerstone Living’s interior designer


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1. Less is more

It’s easy to go overboard when decorating a space, but too much clutter will make an apartment feel small. Use decorative baskets, bookshelves, trunks and boxes to store away excess clutter that won’t fit in your cupboards.

Bulky furniture will also make a unit feel smaller than it actually is. Look for pieces that suit the scale of the space and consider hanging mirrors to make a room feel even bigger. Perspex and glass tables are also ideal for apartments, as they don’t disrupt the eye when you are moving around a space.



Cornerstone Living Stage B Apartment Living Room

2. Add personality with colour

The way you use colour in an apartment has a large impact on the space. Coloured feature walls and couches can make a room feel smaller, whereas bright accessories have the opposite effect when contrasted against light, neutral tones.

When styling your space, create a colour palette and apply it consistently throughout each room. Colours at opposite sides of the colour wheel can contrast nicely, but try to keep the palette limited so the colour scheme doesn’t become overwhelming. With that said, you can still add in subtle pops of other colours around your home, so that the design feels personalised and fresh in each room.



Cornerstone Stage B Apartment Living Room

3. Bring plants indoors

There’s no denying that indoor plants are one of the biggest trends in interior design at the moment. Plants not only soften a space, they also add character to a home and they filter the air.

Make a statement with a large feature plant or cluster smaller plants together in groups of three. By using different plants throughout your space, you can contrast texture, size and colours. Fiddle leaf figs, ferns, rubber plants, devil’s ivy and peace ivy will all do well indoors, as they require minimal sunlight.



Cornerstone Living Stage F Living Room

4. Create zones with rugs

Most apartments now have open living areas, which is ideal for creating a sense of space and flow. To break this part of your home into distinct lounging and dining areas, you can use rugs to create zones.

As well as adding a designer touch to your decorating scheme and bringing texture to a room, rugs have the added benefit of extra warmth in winter. Light and neutral colours are great for maintaining a sense of space, but do be wary of white rugs, as they can stain easily. To add even more depth, experiment with throw rugs on couches and beds.



Cornerstone Living The Pines Apartment Kitchen

5. Try a neutral colour scheme

Even with a limited palette of whites, greys, beiges and blacks, you can create a space with plenty of interest. The great thing about this colour palette is that it creates lightness in your apartment, which adds to the feeling of spaciousness.

To pull this look off, contrast different shades and textures within each room for extra visual appeal. Remember, neutral doesn’t mean minimalist. When going for this style, don’t be afraid to add accessories, photos and artworks to your apartment.



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